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Indonesian Food Herritage in Brisbane & Sydney

Shalom Restaurant is a legacy of family-owned and operated
restaurant, over two decades in the making.

Shalom was one of the first Indonesian restaurants that came to Australia in the 90’s. Started from a humble beginning in Sydney, Shalom introduced Indonesian cuisine that has strong flavors that come from all natural ingredients.

Being around the neighborhood to remind Indonesian people of their hometown cooking, Shalom now has been known among the local communities of Australia. Shalom restaurant always comes with a price and value to beat!

With Shalom’s Indonesian distinctive flavor that is so rich in traditional spices and seasonings, you won’t be easy to find it elsewhere. Our customers, both local residents and Indonesian immigrants always find their own favorite indulgence from series of variations on our menu. The freshness of local raw produce and the quality of Australian meat make our dish even more delicious compared with the original dish in Indonesia.


Being in the business for over 20 years has proved how solid we are. All positive feedbacks from the customers just boost our confidence to expand to other cities. Now, we have developed the concept of master kitchen to serve franchise owners who wants to grow together with us.

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The Modern Transformation

It takes time and experience for Shalom to pursue this industry to be able to grow bigger and maintain high standards on each restaurant. Transformation process on the preparation has made us evolved into a modern kitchen where the whole process has been set in such a way that it becomes very neat and organized, using modern tools and technology, but not neglecting the traditional process.

Modern Transformation in Shalom Shalom did not turn us into a fast food restaurant because the complex processes in Indonesian food can not be replaced by simple process practiced practiced in fast food outlets. Modern Transformation here involves more planning on preparation period for the purpose of standardization in taste and so that the final results can be standardized and accepted by our customers. Our customers will enjoy and have the same taste on every Shalom restaurant anywhere.


As a commitment to customer service, we implemented an operational standard that must be obeyed by all staff of Shalom Restaurant in Australia. The standard starts from the master kitchen preparation, when our staff serve the customers, up to the moment the food received by our customers.

Standarization is the key that made us reliable in the business.

There are a lot of simplification in cooking with the help of modern technology, but at Shalom we always stick to the basic Indonesian traditional style of cooking which ensures deep flavours that brings out heart-warming aroma that you’ve always loved.